Teri Davis Patane Memorial Horse Camp for Kids
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Fast and weird

Posion oak
on my front and rear

Very happy horses,
wild and tame

But its really hard
to memorize their names.

Camper Elizabeth

Dear Camp, that week with you and everyone else was the best week of my life. Not just being away from my parents but having people to talk to. It was a lot of fun riding horses. I loved my horse Cash. I had the best time. I wish I were there way longer. But I'm just glad that I went. And knowing that I wasn't the only one having problems.

"I met so many new friends. I never knew I could meet so many new people who were so nice and helped me tin so many ways. And I know that I will ever forget that week or those moments for the rest of my life. You all helped me in so many ways, I can't thank you enough for all you did for me. You helped those times you had to tell us to go to bed, the girl walks, and telling me to face my fears.

Camper Kay


Please make a donation to the Horse Camp. It's safe, secure and each donation helps!

$20.00 feeds 1 horse for a week

$40.00 buys a helmet for a child

$100.00 shoes a horse for 8 weeks

$250.00 buys a used youth saddle

$500.00 buys hay for 6 horses for 1 months

$1,300.00 sends one kid to camp

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