Teri Davis Patane Memorial Horse Camp for Kids
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This camp is a non-profit organization formed in the memory of Teri Davis Patane who, at the age of 32, passed away from systemic lupus. Teri had been riding since she was 3 years old and participated in a variety of equestrian events.

Terí's love for horses carried with her throughout her life. In her later years, she had great pleasure sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for horses by giving kids riding lessons and taking them on trail rides.

It is our goal to carry on the sharing of the enjoyment of this experience with children who may not otherwise have this opportunity.

Please make a donation to the Horse Camp. It's safe, secure and each donation helps!

$20.00 feeds 1 horse for a week

$40.00 buys a helmet for a child

$100.00 shoes a horse for 8 weeks

$250.00 buys a used youth saddle

$500.00 buys hay for 6 horses for 1 months

$1,300.00 sends one kid to camp

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